12 – It’s a new day!

12 – it’s a new day

Acts 19:7 There were about twelve men in all.

The first group of believers that Paul meets as he enters Ephesus are brought into a fuller revelation and experience of God. They are baptised in water, then Paul lays his hands on them and they receive the Holy Spirit and begin to speak in tongues and prophesy.

Luke takes time to include the number of men Paul was dealing with. ‘About 12’.

I am not sure how you cannot count accurately 12 men. Apparently the earlier translations don’t have the ‘about’ they just say 12. I am content with the verse as it is, the point being the number 12. Luke could have said ‘about 10’ or a small group. But he wants to tell us there was around 12, he wants us to think about 12.

We know of course that God began with the 12 tribes of Israel.

We know that Jesus began with 12 disciples.

That is the point I think.

Paul began his work in Ephesus with 12 believers who were subsequently baptised and then filled with the Spirit.

A Spirit-move heralds a new beginning.

And today you can begin again.

You may not have much, it may look small and insignificant, but you can begin again. You can take some small steps forward. It is time to recognise you are called and chosen. You don’t need to look around, He is looking at you. This is your moment for a new chapter. There may be failure in your past, you may feel a failure, but today is a new day. It is the day for the 12. Well, about 12, because this is not about perfection, it is about a new beginning. You can do it.


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