Come Holy Spirit …

Come Holy Spirit …

Acts 19: 6 “When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.”

Come Holy Spirit. Three simple words of invitation that Luke doesn’t say Paul actually prayed. Yet what he did and what the Ephesian disciples did would indicate this was very much in their hearts.

When Paul placed his hands on them, when he desired for them to receive, when he demonstrated that desire, when he asked …

… The Holy Spirit came on them, He was not there and then He was, He was unmistakable, there was no question who was here, it was Him, the same Pentecost Spirit and when He came …

… They acted, they opened their mouths and spoke, it was a language not known or learned and not clear and they immediately spoke words from God that were clear that brought strength and purpose and understanding.

The Holy Spirit is central. Coming through desire and being seen through the partnership of believers.

It is still the same today.

Desire and partnership: Let us want Him. Then let us work with Him.

Belief and action: Let us believe He will come. Then let us open our mouths to speak.

Request and response: Let us show Him. Then let us demonstrate He is here.

Come Holy Spirit …


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