Normal service resumes

Acts 20:11 “Then he went upstairs again and broke bread and ate. After talking until daylight, he left.”

Normal service resumes.
Paul had talked till midnight then leaves the building to pray for Eutychus and see him rise from death. Then he returns to continue talking till early morning.
But not before he ‘breaks bread’, the phrase for what we perhaps know as communion was laid out already in verse 7. Now he leads the partaking of it.
Paul got their attention back through the remembrance of the broken body of Jesus. He brought them back to the cross. He needed to say so much more to them but they needed to look again at the crux of the faith.
When it all goes wrong go to the cross.
When you may want to seek blame or look for justice, go to the cross.
When you want to continue but need to recalibrate your position, go to the cross.
The cross centralises our world and then launches us back into mission.
The cross makes sense of our confusion.
The cross enables us to continue.
Normal service resumes.

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