The Church service

The Church service
Acts 20:12 “The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted.”
The congregation is dismissed and Paul also leaves. In some kind of procession Eutychus is paraded home alive. Onlookers would have wondered what the fuss was about, after all Eutychus had gone to the church service alive in the first place, so coming home alive was to be expected!
The church people were greatly comforted and encouraged. Paul had poured himself into them teaching them many things, telling them stories of what God had done and they had witnessed an amazing miracle with Eutychus.
The power of a church service can cause an effect upon people for years.
Think for a moment of that one church service that gave you the inspiration and influence and tracing back you can say it was those few hours that changed your life forever.
Church services can take us to the footstool of the throne of God. They can open our hearts to the intimacy of worship and the joy of praise.
Church services can take us on a journey into the Bible with such revelation that we experience the still small voice speaking into our minds and hearts. A new understanding, a refreshing challenge and a desire to read more leaves us strengthened within our circumstances.
Church services are unpredictable. My close friend received his home-call in a church service, just the way he wanted it. Others receive their miracles. Still others receive life in all its fullness.
The people went home with all this in their hearts only because they had been. The church service is waiting for you. Will you go?

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