The journey – get it right.

The journey – get it right.
Acts 21:2 “We found a ship crossing over to Phoenicia, went on board and set sail.”

They had eventually arrived at Patara, this was an important shipping port. It was here that Paul found the ship that would take them on the 400 mile non-stop ocean crossing to Phoenicia.

This may seem really obvious to you but in order to move forward in the purposes of God:

1. You need to get the launch right. You need to be in the right place on the right vehicle going in the right direction. Any confusion at these foundational levels will complicate the whole direction. In the era of ‘messy church’ good that it is we must not have sloppy church. We need to get it right at the beginning, whatever that is, the basics, the welcome, the worship service making sense, good preaching, understandable witnessing, living out 24hr discipleship in every aspect of life.

2. You need to get the timing right. That ship was not going to wait for Paul. Knowing the times that we live in is so important. Now is the time for salvation. The harvest is ripe the workers are few, now is the time for mission. Every leader who prays for wisdom prays that they will know when to do something as much as what to do. Sometimes the plans of God are miscarried because the leader/the Church were not walking in step with the Spirit.

3. You need to get the route right. I looked on the map of this journey and it is amazing to see just how much of the journey was reduced because Paul went by ship. A huge corner was taken off, you will see it if you look, with Cyprus on the left. Often we hear about not cutting corners etc. But sometimes I say, why not? Life is too short to go the long way round. I have always cut a corner if I could. Yes I may have missed some important things going the long way round and maybe I should do more of those kinds of journeys. But for me let’s get there as fast as we can and get on with the show.

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