SHIPS – Reason, Purpose and Timing.

SHIPS – Reason, Purpose and Timing.
Acts 21:3 “After sighting Cyprus and passing to the south of it, we sailed on to Syria. We landed at Tyre, where our ship was to unload its cargo.”

Paul was a ship full of cargo and at Tyre it unloaded what it had been carrying.

Ships have a commitment to carry a certain load. It is weighed at the port so that the ship knows how many tonnes it is carrying. The amounts today are incredible, over 100,000 tonnes can be carried. How they manage to float is a mystery! They are designed to carry the weight. That is the reason for them being built in the first place.
Ships have a commitment to carry their load to a certain place. A contract was exchanged so that the owners of the cargo know that their cargo is going across the seas to the place agreed to. It is not good enough to just drop off the cargo at any point!
Ships have a commitment to get their load to a place for a certain time. It is given focus and that is why it is out on the seas. It is a race against the time. It is not just floating aimlessly and any time will do approach. In 2013 a Russian cargo ship carrying 5,000 tonnes became lost, with no crew, it had been towed for some time but had broken free from the ropes. Although the UK’s Daily Mail ran the headline: “Could this Russian ghost ship infested with CANNIBAL RATS beach in Britain?” Interesting! It eventually sank in 2015.

So here’s the application:
Galatians 6: 2 Paul says ‘Carry each other’s burdens’, I wonder if he had ships in mind when he said this?

Today maybe you have to carry a load for someone:
1. Make sure you have a reason for doing so.
Is it justifiable? Is it right? Do you want to carry this? What is the other person carrying who owns the burden?
“This is my reason for doing this. I am not being ruled by man.” Make it clear. Reason is everything.
2. Make sure you know where you are carrying this burden to?
So, what are the signs of success? What is the future holding? If you know where you are going and that is of most importance to you then you will agree to carry only what is going the same direction.
“This is where I have agreed to go. I am not changing course.” Make it clear. Purpose is everything.
3. Make sure you know how long you will be carrying this for?
You can only carry for a certain time. Don’t be a ship drifting aimlessly blown off course carrying a burden.
“This is the time I have to carry this load. I will not drift with this load.” Make it clear. Time is everything.

You carry to unload. That is what it is all about. That is what ships do.

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