How can I be in a room full of Giants? 

How can I be in a room full of Giants?Acts 21:18 “The next day Paul and the rest of us went to see James, and all the elders were present.”
Paul, Luke and the rest of the team all go to see the brother of Jesus, James. He was most probably the leader of the church in Jerusalem as all the other apostles had gone to different parts of the world. 
They take with them the offering they had gathered for the poor in Jerusalem and they also take with them their stories.

I wonder if ever we will see a film from the archives of heaven? This would be one of those amazing scenes. The apostle Paul, apostle James, Luke the writer and the elders of the church altogether in one room. Such powerful men, but men.

In my early years of ministry I was given some advice which kind of said I should try and walk with Giants. So I tried to mix with the leaders I thought were Giants. The only problem was I was so small the Giants didn’t want to speak to me. I wrote a letter to one Giant leader and he never replied. I went into a room of Giants and I stumbled over my words and at worst didn’t know what to say. Twelve years ago I received a prophecy that I would be a leader of leaders. Four years ago I became the Elim International Missions Director. I am working with the International leaders of over 4,000 churches around the world in 53 nations. Recently I was having dinner with an International Giant of all Giants, that’s all I can say about him. I handled my anxiety quite well but I was boosted with peace when this great man of God told me he was nervous going into a nation that I had been in a few times. He was asking me for advice! Suddenly his gigantism seemed small! Here I was trying to bring some comfort to this great man of God! 

When I began this job I had to report to the UK Elim national leaders every 2 months and I still do. That first year I remember walking down the corridor to that meeting sweating with nervous desire that my plans and hopes would be accepted by the Giants. Four years on I still pray before I enter the room but I never sweat. Why? The Giants have become men in my eyes, very nice men though (I thought I would put those last few words in case any decide to read my blog!). So what have I learnt about having dinner and being in rooms with Giants? 

How to walk with Giants?

1. See their humanity. Apostle Paul had murdered Christians and even Jesus’ own brother, James, had a time when he refused to believe Jesus was who he is. Giants have their own skeletons and present sins. 

2. Giants have weaknesses where you are strong. Be comfortable in who you are. Be you and how God has made you. Don’t change for man. Never change for man.

3. Become a Giant, decide to let God grow you.

4. Never become so big the small can never walk with you. Always take others with you. 

5. Always look up and realise there is no one like God. Even Giants have to bow the knee.

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