Look what God has done!

Look what God has done!
Acts 21:19 “Paul greeted them and reported in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry.”

If we are always moving forward then we are never able to look back. If we never look back we are never able to give thanks for what God has done. A vision of the past is so important, for if we don’t have one, then we can be as guilty as the other 9 lepers in Jesus’ parable.
Paul had much to look back on how God had brought salvation to Gentiles and how the Spirit had fallen on them just as at Pentecost.
What can you give thanks for?

I give God thanks for:

the conception of a church in Boston USA;

the leadership growth in Honduras;

successful team visits in Guyana;

great conferences held in Brazil;

the ideas regarding missions coming from Chile;

the 2 churches in Argentina planted by Chile.

John and Rachel taking the gospel in the forests of Paraguay;

Oscar and Rachel commencing a church with children and young people in Guatemala;

the only Pentecostal denomination in Estonia coming into Elim;

the new church plants in the south of France;

the amazing fast-growing church in Cologne, Germany;

the development of youth leadership in Romania;

the new churches in Spain;

the 10,400 members of the expanding Elim Italy;

the new churches in Macedonia;

the 93 churches in Burkina Faso and the many visions of Christ that Muslims have been having before converting;

the new Fulani church plants in northern Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal and Togo, all in Islamic strongholds.

the uniting of the 2 denominations that had split in Kenya and also in Zambia.

Janine and her team in Kenya who in a single week had 91, 921 children in their Sunday school;

the new vision and strategy developing in Malawi;

the conversions of Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria;

James and Joanna leading young people to Christ in Rwanda;

the church in Kenya sending missionaries to plant churches in Somalia and Sudan;

Daniel and Hani taking the gospel in order to plant churches in northern Ethiopia amongst the Eritrean refugees;

the love of the Tanzanians and that John and Debbie are piloting a new concept of church planting;

all 5 Ugandan denominations but especially Moses who I ministered with and how we saw the supernatural move of God changing the weather before our eyes and those of the witchdoctors;

the courage of the rape survivors and ex-child soldiers of the DRC;

Pastor Cafuliza of Mozambique who singlehandedly went and planted a new church in a new area even though he overseas 4,500 people;

for the conversions amongst the poorest people and the new churches planted in Swaziland, South Africa and Cote D’Ivoire;

for £5,000 that a small church in the UK gave for a new church land in Burundi;

for the fresh honour and memory of missionaries massacred in Zimbabwe;

for the courageous passion in the Christians in Myanmar;

for the rehabilitation of the trafficked woman of Cambodia and further church plants;

for the faithfulness of the church in Hong Kong and the fearlessness of the church in Lebanon;

for Chris and Carmelitta who did what others just talk about and went to China;

the amazing passion, courage, signs and wonders, healings, miracles and resurrections found in the churches of all the 12 denominations of India;

James and Andrea deciding to move to Sri Lanka to work with the 2 denominations in taking the gospel to those who have never heard;

the desire of Sheryl and Novi to travel each month in Indonesia to a smaller island to oversea 2 new churches;

the 200 new church plants in Nepal;

the suffering church of Pakistan who know what it is to be brave;

the work amongst the poorest of the poor in the Philippines from the 2 denominations we have with a renewed desire to go on mission to the hundreds of inhabited islands in their nation;

the Church in Japan which has less than 1% Christian in the nation;

the friendship and missionary zeal of New Zealand who have planted 4 churches in Samoa and keep reaching other nations too.

the 15 new UK missionaries who joined the existing 69 all around the world; 

the 1,000 people engaged in prayer and giving at least £1 per week who receive these and many more stories every 2 months of what God is doing; 

That’s my world at the moment and that’s what I report on and what I thank God for.

All over the world the Spirit is moving.

There is more coming too!

Paul would say the same. This is what God has done but He is going to do so much more!

What about you? Just look back and thank God for what He has done. Don’t just focus on the future. Pause and thank Him.

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