Bible Wikileaks

Bible Wikileaks
Acts 21:21 “They have been informed that you teach all the Jews who live among the Gentiles to turn away from Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children or live according to our customs.”

So who informed them?
Whoever it was they had twisted the truth.

Paul was not teaching the Gentiles to turn away from Moses. However, he wasn’t telling the Gentiles who got saved that they should then follow the Jewish customs and laws. So the informant had taken what was actually true and made it into something quite different.
So who informed them?

Whoever it was could have been confronted by James and the elders of the Church, but were not. Were they themselves fooled by the informant? Or were they intimidated? Informants need to be disciplined if they have spoken falsely. 
So who informed them?

Whoever it was doesn’t seem to have a name because the information was more important than where it came from.

Sometimes the information can be so sensational that accuracy is not that important either, just ask those who read the many tabloids!
So who informed them?

I don’t know but informants can often be informed on! Gossipers can be gossiped about! Siggi Thorsdarson worshipped the ground Julian Assange walked on and was fast tracked through the Wikileaks organisation. He decided to hack into the Icelandic government and in order to authenticate his position with the hackers there he sent a secret film of him and Assange. But actually the leader of that hacking group had become informants for the FBI themselves. Siggi was sacked from Wikileaks on another matter and for revenge he entered into some sort of deal with the FBI and gave crucial information to them but for a very small $5000.

Informants don’t make great confidantes or friends. It is so today and it was then in the early Church.

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