Make a decision

Make a decision.
Acts 21:22 “What shall we do? They will certainly hear that you have come”

James and the elders do not want to bring any disruption to the success of the gospel in Jerusalem due to Paul being dragged into a dispute over what he is being wrongfully charged with. At the same time they are in support of what Paul has achieved with the gospel to the Gentiles.
What shall we do?

Maybe that is the question you are speaking today. 

Perhaps there is uncertainty over many things leading you to wonder what you are going to do. However, James and the elders were certain about something and that would be where they get their course of action from. They did not rest on their uncertainty but on what was ‘certain’.

The Jews will hear Paul is here, they will come as a multitude to confront and cause division, it will escalate out of all proportion, that is what is going to happen. 

What are you certain of today? It may be leading you to say, “I do not know what to do” however, the answer is found within the certainty. Don’t ignore it, don’t bury your head. You can make a decision to try and avert that what is certain. There are choices that you can make and they are found in what is certain no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it is. This is what James and the elders would discover. They would find a plan in the place of what they believed to be certain.

That what is certain will try to cause you to freeze and be unable to act or think what to do. Many are trapped in debt, brokenness, illness and failure today because they did not know what to do with what was certain. They had hoped that what was certain would go away. It never does. Their failure was in not making a decision to do anything to stop the certainty from happening.

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