For demonstration purposes only.

For demonstration purposes only.
Acts 21: 24 “Take these men, join in their purification rites and pay their expenses, so that they can have their heads shaved. Then everyone will know there is no truth in these reports about you, but that you yourself are living in obedience to the law.”

The Jewish Christians in Jerusalem had been told that Paul was telling the Gentile converts to abandon Moses and the law. That was not true. Here he is now in Jerusalem with James and the elders and they have a plan to try and bring order out of what could turn into mayhem. Paul should demonstrate his desire to support the Jewish practices. He should join in some ceremonial washing and pay the expenses of 4 of the leaders who were going through the rites and shaving their heads. That is the plan.
Paul was to enter into certain rites for demonstration purposes only in order to diffuse a situation.
Paul wasn’t going to think these rites would make him clean before God or nearer to Him. He was doing these things not for God but for man.
How much do you desire unity?
What could you do that you wouldn’t normally do simply to show your love for people?
What could you stop doing to show people you were for them not against them?
Sometimes words are just not needed. Actions sometimes do speak louder.
Demonstrate today. Do something uncomfortable for you but as an act of love for others. Demonstrate your love.

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