Do what you are told

Do what you are told
Acts 21:23 “do what we tell you. There are four men with us who have made a vow.”
James and the elders had made a decision and now they needed Paul to do what they told him.
There are days to invite people to do something.
There are days to ask people but then there are days to just tell them to do it.
I am sure our prayers each day have been along the lines of “I will do what you tell me.”
In our desire to be like Christ we know he was sent by the Father.
He was an obedient Son.
In the wilderness he had to choose obedience and again in the garden of Gethsemane. The writer of Hebrews says he offered up prayers and that he learned obedience.
For us to be in the image of Christ, we need to know we are not first but second. We are not leading everything but following. We are not in charge but conforming ourselves to Him and not to our rights. We live in a society which looks so nice in that everyone is free to be whoever they want to be. But this is not true as a Christian. We have to be told. We have to do what we are told. There are times when to obey Christ is that we obey our leaders, we do what we are told because we know they have wisdom in a situation that we do not have.
Paul, the great apostle is being asked to obey. It takes a great man to do so.

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