Piggy in the middle!

Piggy in the middle!

Acts 22:30 “The commander wanted to find out exactly why Paul was being accused by the Jews. So the next day he released him and ordered the chief priests and all the members of the Sanhedrin to assemble. Then he brought Paul and set him before them.”

Have you ever found yourself in the middle?

One of my favourite games as a child was ‘piggy in the middle’ where 2 children pass the ball to each other and a 3rd child in the middle tries to intercept it.

In the UK we use this phrase ‘piggy in the middle’ when we unwillingly involved in a dispute between two people or groups.

Though I shall cloak this with disguise recently I found myself piggy in the middle, but not just with 2 people but with 3. Person 1 came to me with a concern about Person 2; Person 2 came to me with a concern about Person 1; Persons 1 and 2 came to me with a concern about Person 3 and yes you get the idea … Person 3 came to me with a concern about Person 1 and 2!

I do not have any time to indulge in this game of piggy in the middle anymore. I find it really annoying that I am distracted from what I am doing. So this is what I did:

I got Persons 1, 2 and 3 together. They had no idea that each person had concerns about one another, only the pig in the middle knew that! I thanked them for what they were doing and encouraged them to keep going. Taking into account their concerns I explained some details that they didn’t know about the situations they were concerned about, without exposing that they had individually spoken against one another. I then envisioned them again to all that is ahead. Then I asked if anyone had any concerns about anything. (This pig was coming out of the middle!). Of course they said no and everyone left feeling better.

If you are stuck between people then you need to get free as soon as you can.

The commander was stuck in the middle of a very public dispute, the Jews wanting the death penalty and Paul wanting to defend himself and actually win the crowd over. What is the exact truth? What is the real complaint? What has exactly happened? You can spend your entire life wondering or you can get everyone in the room.

I say deal with it. Don’t play piggy in the middle.

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