Christmas Greetings 1

Christmas Greetings 1

Acts 23:25 “He wrote a letter as follows”

Luke has the exact copy of the letter. He doesn’t say ‘It said something like…” No, he has it with him. He is holding the letter or a copy of it at least.

Christmas is often the season for letter and card writing. Some of us do not do so well seeing as we haven’t written all year but have typed on some keyboard or phone. Before 2007 and the rise of technology written communication was really important at this time of the year. We used to make a list of people that we needed to buy cards for. Who would make it on to our list this year? Who was no longer with us? Who didn’t deserve to receive a card because of the behaviour in that year?! Of course some would be there on the list, every year, no matter what they have or not done. They had to be on there because if you didn’t send a card you would be causing a world war 3 to happen!

Whatever happens this year, whether you get cards or send them, remember this … in your hand you hold the world’s greatest love letter – the Bible. The Message of God to you.

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