Christmas Greetings 2

Christmas Greetings 2

Acts 23:26 “Claudius Lysias, To His Excellency, Governor Felix: Greetings.”

The day comes – the signing of the Christmas cards. If there’s two of you, one can do the envelope and the other signing. It’s the luck of the draw who gets the card with a Christmas bauble and who gets the star of David. One year nephew Nick, the 21 year old sportsman gets a little angel playing a harp on top of a Christmas tree, whereas 88 year old Aunt Matilda gets Santa Claus on top of a snow-laden rooftop doing a moony – it’s what comes out of the box. You sign it and that’s that job done for another year.

One year I attended a Pastors meeting and one of the Pastors was sitting in the corner before the meeting writing his cards before we commenced. He then put the card in the envelope and put the name of the person who was in the meeting on the front of the envelope then handed them out. When I got mine apart from the printed ‘Happy Christmas’ on the inside of the card, it just gave his name. It could have been given to someone else. I haven’t forgotten that expression of lavish generosity!

If you get a card with a sentence in it this year be very thankful for the effort taken!

Gabriel announced to Mary, ‘Greetings’

The Commander wrote to Felix, ‘Greetings’

And you will write greetings cards and receive them.

Within our family we would ask one another ‘how many cards did you get?’, we would have them dangling on a string off the walls of the rooms in the house.

Whether you have many or just one be thankful this year that someone has written to you.

Maybe take a bit more time to write your greetings.



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