Cut to the chase

Cut to the chase.

Acts 24:4 “But in order not to weary you further, I would request that you be kind enough to hear us briefly.”

Happy New Year!

Why did Tertullus think he was wearying Felix after only speaking 2 sentences which were praising his work as the governor of the province?

Permit me some reading into the text here … but I don’t think the flattery was working, something was showing on the face of Felix that he was either bored already or that he was not interested in long introductions, he wanted to get to the matter and get it over with. He had already hoped to be able to pass this case on to someone else but finding out Paul was from Cilicia meant he had to deal with it. But he would deal with it quickly.

Between Christmas and New Year I filled the car with rubbish and took it to the rubbish tip. It is what I always do at this time of the year as we accumulate so much rubbish. Once again the vast majority of the rubbish was packaging from either food or gifts. The food and gifts are always smaller than the packaging. I wondered at what the cost would be if I totalled my plastic throw-away. Whatever it was it would be a substantial amount. I knew that what I was doing that day was adding to the world’s problem of what to do with all the plastic? The Ellen MacArthur foundation recently produced shocking results from their research:

  • 95% of plastic packaging material (worth $80-120 billion each year) is thrown away after one single use.
  • After 40 years of recycling only 5% of plastic is recycled into a similar quality item.
  • If plastic leakage is not quenched by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.

On a return flight from Indonesia recently I stopped over in Bali for several hours and went down to the nearest beach looking forward to some idyllic picture that we all dream about. I was horrified to see the whole beach inches deep with plastic waste washed up from the sea.

Plastic waste is a problem.

So is plastic packaging that comes out of our mouths at times.

This year I want to commit to less plastic waste. What I mean is this: I want to listen to less plastic-waste that comes out of mouths in order to package up the real reason for speaking and of course I want to speak less plastic-waste myself. In other words I want to:

Cut to the chase.

In films, when one scene ends and another begins the action is said to ‘cut’ from one scene to the next. If a film ‘cuts to the chase’, it moves onto a car chase scene for example. The expression compares the important matters to be discussed to a car chase scene.

This year I want to cut to the chase.

I want to get to the point.

I don’t want to waste time listening to plastic words about me or anyone in order to flatter the situation. What is the heart of the issue?

Encouragement alone is good.

Encouragement with a motive-to-get is flattery. This is plastic and it cannot be recycled for anything.

I reckon I am going to save a lot of time this year by cutting to the chase. Will you join me?



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