Who’s your hero?

Who’s your hero?

Acts 24:3 “Everywhere and in every way, most excellent Felix, we acknowledge this with profound gratitude.”

Felix was given a title … most excellent.

Felix was given total praise … profound gratitude.

Felix’s work was akin to being all-powerful … in every way.

Felix’s work was akin to being all-present … everywhere.

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, total praise and a title. Sounds like God!

Since day one Satan has been tempting us to become ‘like God’ (Genesis 3:5).

In our desire to be like Christ motive is everything.

Thirty years ago I had my hero’s. They were in high office, well-known, charismatic personalities and gifted and I would follow them. Whilst some would follow the stars of sports and music, I would hero worship the preachers and the healers.

Today thankfully I have lost those heroes’. My hero’s don’t have a title, they look very weak not powerful and they are not known across the stages of the Christian world, they live in the back and beyond of nowhere important and yet when I am with them they stir me to pursue God with my praise.

There is a fine line. We must thank people when they have done well, we must appreciate and show gratitude where it is deserved. Those receiving it should receive it and be encouraged to pursue God even more who grants all things. But we must end the hero-worship.

When I hold conferences across the world and bring leaders together, within the pack of information that every delegate receives beforehand it will say something like this, “Don’t bring your titles and dress casually”. I am not concerned that the leaders may believe they are some cult-figure, my concern is others may think that and give praise to them what is due to God.

A cult-figure cannot be spoken against.

A cult-figure is never wrong.

A cult-figure has an attraction either in appearance, riches or displays of power.

A cult-figure is not God but is the way people grow and experience God.

A cult-figure will always want to remain in place.

Every man of God is a man.

Every dynamic woman is a woman.

God is God.

The higher they are built up the harder they will fall when you come to the realisation they are only human after all.

The red carpet always belongs to God.

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