Hold on, it can all change in a moment.

Hold on, it can all change in a moment.

Acts 24:11 “You can easily verify that no more than twelve days ago I went up to Jerusalem to worship.”

It is unclear whether Paul was saying he had been in Jerusalem only 12 days or whether he was saying 12 days ago he had arrived into the city. What we know from verse 1 is that Paul had now been waiting for the trial to start for 5 days. So whether or not it was 12 days or 17 days, the point is in less than 3 weeks his life has been turned upside down.

We often say that it’s good we do not know what tomorrow will bring. It doesn’t take long for everything to change. It doesn’t take 3 weeks, it can take one day.

Some suffer for years and they think things will never change. Some go through life with no cares and then are hit by a sudden storm they think they will never get through.

You are one touch from the King for your miracle. You may walk on a precipice and are one slip from failure. Your life can change in a moment, for the good and the bad.

So move on from yesterday, live for today and prepare for tomorrow by keeping hold of the Master’s hand because the time really is short.


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