Fake news

Fake news

Acts 24:13 “And they cannot prove to you the charges they are now making against me. “

Show me.

That is Paul is asking.

Give me the evidence.

We are in the most interesting of times.

Over the last decade with the rise of the internet there was the opportunity for accurate, incorruptible journalism. At a click of a button we could fact-check the facts! This was a new era of honesty. It hasn’t turned out like that has it?

We have new words like ‘fake news’ emerging because world leaders tweet about it all the time.

Recently a UK TV station, Channel 4, brought out statistics that show only 4% of the UK population can spot fake news as fake! Are we so gullible?!

Research is everything.

Let us not believe everything we hear, especially when it is targeting someone else. It might sound amazing and shocking and we may like the headlines, but it could be fake and there can be not a scrap of evidence for it.

Let us people of the truth. Truth takes longer than fake but that is the journey we need to be on.

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