Where is the firelighter?

Where is the firelighter?

Acts 24:19 “But there are some Jews from the province of Asia, who ought to be here before you and bring charges if they have anything against me.”

“Woman, where are they?” This was the question from Jesus to the woman caught in adultery when the Pharisees dropped their stones and walked away quietly.

Paul says something very similar to Felix, “the Jews who first brought the accusation as eye-witnesses are not here, why?” They were the only ones who saw him in the Temple and they are not here bringing the accusation. Tertullus, Ananias and these other accusers are here only on hearsay, they are accusing Paul because of what they had heard, they were never there.

Where is the evidence? That is always the question to ask. Who was there?

It can be difficult enough when 2 people can be present and one says they heard one thing and the other nothing. “What did President Trump actually say?!”

But when those passing judgment, commenting, having opinions, denouncing on the theory of “I heard” well that amounts to nothing but hearsay and gossip.

Those who hear and those who witness something and who feel strongly about it, enough to tell someone, should tell the person who can deal with the matter, not a person who will lament and rage with them.

Fires are started all the time and those who start them are long gone.

If the firelighter isn’t present then there is a reason.


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