God will position you to speak to you

God will position you to speak to you

Acts 26: 14 “We all fell to the ground, and I heard a voice saying to me in Aramaic, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”

This was not falling into the arms of a lover. Nor was it anything like what we have termed ‘slain in the Spirit’ a quite unhelpful term I actually think. But the picture here is:

We all fell … this was not voluntary, but forced because of the display of light.

… to the ground … into the dust of the earth, where clothes and hands become dirty.

If God circumstantially knocks you to the dirt then it is because He wants to remake you, to recreate you, to begin again in your life and to do something new. It is a grace.

Not everyone who falls to the ground though actually hear the voice of the Lord. Paul says though everyone fell only he heard. It is a grace.

God will position you to speak to you. It is a grace.

So friends today you may have fallen in surrender willingly or by force, you are where God wants you to be, listen He is speaking to you perhaps a new directional word, a new revelation.

It is all a grace.

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