An Easter resurrection needs to be every day.

An Easter resurrection needs to be every day.

Acts 26:30 “The king rose, and with him the governor and Bernice and those sitting with them.”

It doesn’t matter who rises before you.

Kings and Queens, authoritative and important figures may rise in your presence.

I have been in the offices of many people of importance. I have been dwarfed by their intimidating presence. But where are they now? They come and they go. Why did I allow man to become that big in my life?

What is rising before you today? Is it mountain size? Whose shadow do you stand under? You may think they hold the keys to your future. You may even think it is life and death as for Paul.

The challenge before you may be huge.

The king may be rising.

But remember your king has already risen! Never let a man size king be bigger than the King of Kings.

Because your King has risen you will never be condemned, disqualified or rejected.

Walk tall under the shadow of the only resurrection that truly matters today.

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