Easter Saturday is a part of Easter

Easter Saturday is a part of Easter

Acts 27:8 “We moved along the coast with difficulty and came to a place called Fair Havens, near the town of Lasea.”

The Message: “After much difficulty, we finally made it to the southern coast of the island of Crete and docked at Good Harbor (appropriate name!)”.

The ship had been battered against the winds and they could not hold their course, they eventually harboured but with great difficulty.

And Easter Saturday also took great difficulty to get there. There wasn’t a more difficult day than yesterday. Darkness during the day. Confusion. Despair. Betrayal. The End. It was indeed tough.


It was at Fair Havens, a harbour south of Crete, where the ship waited to catch the right weather, they were hoping for the right wind to move them forward. They would wait a considerable time.

And Easter Saturday was also a waiting time. What did the disciples do now? They waited. Was there anyone with hope that things could get better? Not many. Maybe Mary wondered but probably no one else. It seemed like a lifetime. How could one day last so long? It was indeed a waiting time.


The harbour was unsuitable to harbour in because the winter winds blew straight into the harbour. The ship was in danger of being broken in half, submerged by the power of the wind.

And Easter Saturday was also a dangerous time. In their waiting they hid away, they couldn’t walk in the street, they would be crucified next, they were sure of it. But they faced other dangers. This team of disciples were on the brink of falling out with each other because of the denial, betrayal and the majority who simply fell away as Jesus went to the cross. They were angry, with the Romans, the Jews and with themselves. Finally, the greatest danger of all: their guilt for not protecting Jesus, not being there, failing Him. It was indeed dangerous.


Are you going through tough times? Are you in limbo? Are you shaking under insecurity and trouble?

It is Easter Saturday.

But it’s not over!

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