If it doesn’t get any easier what is going overboard?

If it doesn’t get any easier what is going overboard?

Acts 27:19 “On the third day, they threw the ship’s tackle overboard with their own hands.”

Three days ago they threw the cargo overboard, the grain and merchandise that the ship had been carrying was now gone.

During storms of difficulty our lives can be lightened by the letting go of responsibilities, expectations and investments.

But what if it doesn’t change?

Their ship was continuing to take on water, it was sinking and they needed to lighten it again, they had to keep float. So they began to dismantle with their own bare hands the ship itself. They threw the ships equipment overboard. This was probably not the mast and the sail as later clearly the ship was still sailing, but this was probably all the moveable objects, furniture, personal belongings, their luggage. They all were involved carrying things and throwing them into the sea.

How much ‘stuff’ are you carrying in your life? It is only in the storm do you realise that actually some things are not essential, they are luxuries. You may have thought they added value to your life but today you see they are in danger of ruining it.

What do you hold as untouchable? What will you lay down in order to rise? In the good times you will try and carry everything, but on the third day of sinking, everything looks different doesn’t it?

It seems that the important ‘stuff’ in our lives though do add value they also add weight. We give our time, energy, even money to maintain and hold on to what we have got. Are these burdens truly what God is asking you to carry?

Do we need to lay burdens down today?

Lighten your life, get rid.

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