Find your voice

Find your voice

Acts 27:31 “Then Paul said to the centurion and the soldiers, “Unless these men stay with the ship, you cannot be saved.”

We learn so much through this storm but Paul learns more. It seems Paul grows in his own authority from within this storm, he rises in confidence and now we see him commanding Julius and his soldiers. Life’s difficulties create a bigger platform as you continue through them. In each chapter you need to find your voice.

Paul is also wiser. The Roman soldiers are not aware of the sailor’s secret plan to escape, but Paul could see what they were doing. Wisdom can sometimes look like suspicion and even scepticism; we ignore those thoughts at our peril.

So why did Paul point out what he was seeing?

  1. He needed their expertise. People of experience (sailors) are more important in a storm than people of authority and command (soldiers).
  2. He had received the message that everyone would be saved. This ship was certainly not the equivalent of Noah’s Ark! Except for this one detail if God says you will be saved then you will be saved. God had said the ship would be lost but they would be saved. Paul understood that to mean everyone had to stay on board. The understanding and application of what God has said is everything.

Paul was more confident, wiser and was holding on what God had said. Those 3 things held him when everything and everyone were breaking apart.

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