Get rid of that snake!

Get rid of that snake!

Acts 28:5 “But Paul shook the snake off into the fire and suffered no ill effects.”

Whilst the crowd around you may be offering an internal enquiry as to why you are experiencing such an attack, don’t listen to them, don’t ponder what they say, just shake off that attack.

Many won’t see what you were doing when the snake launched at you, they will judge you on that attack and not where it came from, they won’t see it came out of the place of serving, nevertheless just shake it off.

There will always be people who want to write your obituary based on their assessment of your situation, whilst they are talking realise you are not finished yet and shake off that what says you could be.

Snakes are not for carrying around, don’t boast about the enemy and what he is trying to do, don’t make a circus out of your situation, the enemy doesn’t belong in your life, just shake it off.

Don’t expect people to help you, they have their own problems, yours gives them perspective about their own, so don’t wait for help just shake that problem off you.

Don’t think of the safety of the snake, don’t place it somewhere comfortable that it can come back to bite you, it has to be destroyed so shake it off in the fire.

Today whatever has landed on you that is out to destroy you, remove its sting, shake off its power, no weapon formed against you can prosper and every word that comes in judgment then simply condemn.

Shake off that snake!

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