The pressure of preventing speculation

The pressure of preventing speculation

Acts 28:12 “We put in at Syracuse and stayed there three days.”

They decide to stop over in the capital city of the island of Sicily for 3 days. Nothing else is mentioned other than that. Everything is speculation.

Why did they stop here and what happened?

Nothing is provided.

So we speculate. Commentators do so. They talk of how strong the church in Sicily is, how they see Paul as the founder and it all stemmed from the 3 day visit all those years ago. Paul must have been permitted to wander the island with the gospel as he did in Sidon.

But it is speculation.

It must be because they were waiting for the right wind to sail or perhaps because they were unloading and loading cargo. Maybe it was simply because it was like a normal service station on the motorway on the journey to Italy.

We struggle with bare facts. We would rather not know anything than just some small aspects of someone’s story. We need to know why they did what they did, the logic behind the decision and perhaps we just need to know other people’s business.

We all know times when there has been a course of action taken or we have made decisions and we either cannot announce to the world the reason because of determining factors that need to be kept quiet. That can be difficult.

So people speculate.

Speculations lead to theories which are passed down generationally that become history.

Perhaps we need to allow more things to just hang in the air and to wait for any revelation that might come later. To do so without speculation or feeling a burden to tell the world the detailed reason.

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