The Pentecost of Rome

The Pentecost of Rome

Acts 28:14 “There we found some brothers and sisters who invited us to spend a week with them. And so we came to Rome.”

Having spent a week with fellow believers they arrive on the outskirts of Rome, probably by foot.

It had been quite a journey! Many thought they would never make it and at one point they had given up all hope of being saved from the treacherous journey at sea. They were shipwrecked and they had been completely lost not knowing where at all they were. Alongside this Paul had to cope with a snake! However, Paul had a promise that he would be here, in Rome. “And so we came to Rome.”

And so God will bring you through.

And so God will cause you to overcome.

And so God will open doors for your destiny.

Here you are in x (your Rome).

It is the place of your surrender, where you will give your all to Him who called you and you will do it for the gospel and your love of people.

Here are some facts regarding Rome at that time:

Population: approximately 1 million

A multi-ethnic city: with Italians from various districts plus people from Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, Judea, Persia, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, Gaul, Germany, Brittania and elsewhere.

Religion: The entire Pantheon of Roman gods, numerous Greek deities, some Asian, Persian and Egyptian deities.


The above is what Paul dreamed of. It is a definite reminder of the gathering of the harvest of people who needed to know the good news: the Pentecost of Jerusalem.

(The word Pentecost means fiftieth. 50 days after the feast of Unleavened bread is the Jewish Pentecost, a feat of the grain harvest thanking God for His provision. It was the day when the Spirit came on the Church and at least 3,000 of the travelling pilgrims into Jerusalem were saved in one day).

This was another Pentecost for Paul where the opportunity was simply too great to miss. He was in Rome where he could reach many, where the people were ripe for harvest. May we venture into our cities and towns with such joy of opportunity and gospel determination for souls to be saved that today indeed becomes another Pentecost!


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