Lies or truth

Lies or truth

Acts 28:21 “They replied, “We have not received any letters from Judea concerning you, and none of our people who have come from there has reported or said anything bad about you.”

Were they lying? It would be strange that the mob from Jerusalem had not contacted their friends in Rome about this disturbing man called Paul, who they believed should be put to death.

Were they telling the truth? Had they not heard from Jerusalem because the mob there knew they wouldn’t win in such a stronghold for Roman citizens so didn’t inform the leaders there? Did the Roman Jews returning from Jerusalem miss this whole debacle? Did they return before it all commenced with the attacks against Paul?

We have all known people who feel justified to lie. What they want outweighs how they get it. Similarly we all know times when we feel justified not to believe what is being portrayed as the truth.

I wonder how Paul is feeling as he hears this. Does he believe them or not? Does he care?

If Paul was in a panic in prison then what they said would matter.

If Paul needed help from anyone no matter who they were then what they said would matter.

If Paul was crying out to God for a change of circumstance then what they said would matter.

But he wasn’t.

Paul was at peace, he was where God wanted him to be. And so are you, you are strategically placed today, so whatever man says to you it doesn’t really matter whether they have a hidden agenda or not, whether they are lying or telling the truth, you are where God wants you to be.

Paul only looked to God for help not man. The help Paul wanted was open doors not from house arrest but open doors for the gospel. And so do you. You don’t need any man to help you. Your help comes from God alone.

Paul didn’t need a change of circumstance; he wanted to optimise every circumstance. And so do you. You don’t need to be lifted out of a situation you simply need the creative keys to make something of it.

So don’t worry what man says, whether they are hiding something, you don’t hang on their every word but the Word of God who leads and guides you every day.

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