Face it. Deal with it. Move on.

Face it. Deal with it. Move on.

Acts 28:24 “Some were convinced by what he said, but others would not believe.”

Even a super-apostle finds there are times when people think he is not telling the truth! So that encourages you and me who swing from those who are convinced and follow and those who refuse to believe what we are saying is true.

A few days ago someone wrote to me and told me they believed I was lying over a certain matter. I was obviously telling the truth but faced with the frustration of not knowing how else to convince the person who would not believe. People either look at you with disdain because they think you are manipulating the truth or with sympathy because they think you are misguided. But what do you do when people will not believe you?

Jesus instructed us to shake the dust off our feet when we left a town that did not welcome or listen to us (Matt 10:14). When his disciples turned away and refused to follow him, Jesus asked the Twelve if they wanted to do the same (John 6:66).

  1. There will be people who will not believe you. Face it.
  2. This is not a sign that you should alter your course. Deal with it.
  3. It is important to know who is really with you. Move on.


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