Let us get near the crowds

Let us get near the crowds

Mark 2: 13 “Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them.”

I began reading this and wondered how peaceful that must have been, choosing to go and walk by the lake. My first thought was ‘do I have a place that I like to go that is peaceful?’ That could have been my devotional blog this morning, until the large crowd comes along! It certainly is true in my nation that if you said to someone you are going to walk by the lake they would have a picture in their mind of time alone where you can be with the Creator and to meditate on the beautiful and solitary place. This is not that picture. Neither is it a picture of disruption. ‘It was peaceful and then the enemy sends distractions’ is not what happened.

Jesus purposely went to the lake to meet people. It was the place of activity. The Sea of Galilee was like a bus terminus, a railway station, every imaginable picture of workers, fishermen, buyers, sellers. There were no tourists basking in the sun on the sea shore. This was where people gathered for a purpose. It was where he had called the 4 disciples. Capernaum is on the side of the lake where he had his home base. Jesus lived by the lake and he chose to live amongst the crowds.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought? God’s Son didn’t come as Immanuel to stay in the desert or a mountain top and to call us to him. He didn’t build a building and make it look lovely so that crowds could on a day off from their busy lives visit it to find him. No. He came amongst us. He lived amongst the crowds. Yes there were times when he needed to get to a solitary place to be with God the Father but mostly he lived and moved amongst the crowds. The good news was in the pressure cooker of people’s lives, in their work place, homes, neighbourhoods, where they gathered. It was there that Jesus began to teach them a different perspective to life.

Let us make sure that today the church/us are where people are doing their life. Let is make the good news accessible for everyone.


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