What happens if you are not picked?

What happens if you are not picked?

Mark 3: 13-15 “Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. 14 He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach 15 and to have authority to drive out demons.”

Last year at the check-in desk of Emirates, I asked the attendant what my chances were at getting a flight upgrade. “Not great” was her reply. Apparently because of the type of flight ticket I was using I was actually the 35th likeliest to be chosen for an upgrade that day! In all my flights over the last 12 years of working for Elim Missions I have only been picked a few times for that much longed-for upgrade. But when I was picked oh my goodness how amazing I felt!

On a far greater scale there are people from all walks of life, church members, leaders and Pastors today who are struggling with great difficulty because they were not picked. The feeling of being overlooked is something that penetrates the soul and can damage it for a very long time. There are unhappy people today trying to get through their day and it is tough because last year, 3 years ago, 10 years ago they were not chosen.

How do you respond when you are not picked? I am sure we all have had that experience.

Here are some responses:

  1. Stop following/participating.
  2. Choose a different rabbi/leader to follow.
  3. Lose hope of ever achieving what you think is success.
  4. Become cynical to the work that others are doing.
  5. Commit less as more obviously didn’t work for you.

We are not sure what happened to those who were not picked on that mountainside?

We are not told what concessions Jesus made for them if any.

However, I like to think that some held themselves together and kept their heart right.

I like to think that they continued to follow, that they made Jesus their leader and Lord, they kept the faith and their heart soft and continued to work hard at following Him.

I like to think some of them were in the 70 disciples team of Luke 10 and the 120 team of Acts 1.

I like to think this because what I know is that you may not be picked today but that doesn’t rule out tomorrow.


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