The Call

The Call

Mark 3: 14-15 “He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach 15 and to have authority to drive out demons.”

It sounds exciting doesn’t it?! Going out as a preaching team and to be given authority to drive out demons; this will be the action that everyone dreams of. To do the works that Jesus had been doing.

But the most exciting part is that the 12 were appointed to be with him. Everything else stemmed out of that fact and it still does.

Many ponder what God would have them do today or where He wants them to go etc but forget that the call is a call to Him. The journey to Him is the most important of all. Everything flows from that.

A friend died this week. I talked with him on Wednesday and on Thursday and yesterday he died. In our conversations we talked about many things, one of which was that he felt God calling him to be with Him.

Forty years ago today 9 Elim missionaries and 4 of their children were massacred on a school playing field in the Vumba mountains where they were serving. In horrendous circumstances God called them to be with Him.

The Call never ends. Whether you believe He is calling you into close fellowship, to pray, to meditate on the Bible or ultimately the final call to be with Him in eternity that call is very real and personal. The truth is God wants you.

Whilst you have the luxury of choice then let us draw near to Him today.

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