Why did Elijah and Moses join Jesus on the mountain?

Why did Elijah and Moses join Jesus on the mountain?

Mark 9:4 “And there appeared before them Elijah and Moses, who were talking with Jesus.”

We know from Luke’s account (chapter 9) that they were talking about Jesus’ departure (literally his exodus from the earth, an interesting point for Moses!). Were they talking about this for the benefit of Jesus? Was this some kind of Gethsemane moment when Jesus needed some friends of heaven to encourage him? I don’t think so, this was transfigured, divine Jesus, the glory of God was all over him. He would soon be in need but not here on this mountaintop.

Was this meeting for the benefit of Elijah and Moses? Well, maybe. For both of them were Israel’s heroes who not only were believed to have never died but they had never seen the glory of God though they had requested it. Moses was hid in the rocks as God passed by and Elijah heard a gentle whisper of God when He came to him. But here they are standing in front of transfigured Jesus, whose clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them! Here is now their moment, they get to see on earth the glory of God, the eternal Son.

Was this meeting for the benefit of the disciples and essentially for us? I would say YES!

Here with Jesus is Moses, the Law-giver and Elijah the representation of the Prophets. Soon they will all hear the voice announcing who Jesus is as He steps forward and the Law and the Prophets reach their fulfilment in Him, they become complete in Jesus.

What does this mean?

As followers of Jesus, into our surrendered life, our cross, we need to keep focused on Him.

As we do this we fulfil Gods directives for our life (the Law) and also His destiny for us (the Prophets). So as we worship Jesus today, once again laying our lives down before Him, surrendering our lives, let us acknowledge His Word and His Spirit that continue to point us to Him who gave His everything for us.

With eyes on Jesus let the Bible continue to be the lamp to our feet and the Holy Spirit be the empowerment that we need within.

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