A life of adjustment and alignment

A life of adjustment and alignment

Mark 11:11 “Jesus entered Jerusalem and went into the temple courts. He looked around at everything, but since it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the Twelve.”

Jesus rode into Jerusalem with crowds of people shouting their praise and their expectations of victory, this was a new day they believed, this was the expected Messiah who would take hold of the government of the city and of Israel. The day came and was over very quickly and Jesus hadn’t done what they had expected.

Jesus headed straight to the temple and walked around looking at everything. It was late in the day and the market was over but probably the benches and tables were still there, maybe traders were tidying up after a long day buying and selling, certainly there was evidence of the state that the Temple had got into and what he would forcefully correct. But the day came and was over quickly and Jesus hadn’t done what perhaps the disciples had expected.

Have you experienced a move of God in your life and thought this is it, this will change everything and all the many items on your list would be completed, healed, provided for and Jesus would do it all?

God can move upon your life and not do what you expect He would do. This is not because He can’t do those things. It is because He has another agenda for your life. It is us who have to align our lives with Him not the other way round. Those who have unfulfilled expectations can often move bitterly into the place of questioning whether it was a move of God at all (which is seen in the crowd’s response only a few days later). It is hard to accept one’s expectations were wrong.

Perhaps there has been a move of God in your life and you are yet to recognise it. You have carried on as normal. He is walking around and looking at your life, observing, taking it all in. He is the one who walks amongst the seven churches of Revelation and sees what we don’t want Him to see. But nothing happens. So we carry on prayer-less, worship-less, disciple-less and continue on the cheap trying to earn, gain and achieve with such ambitious arrogance. But this could be the day of mercy for us for God is slow to anger. Yet the day is late and mercy is drawing to a close.

Jesus wasn’t fitting into anyone’s schedule and He still doesn’t. He works according to the perfect.

So we continue to adjust our expectations resisting disappointment and we continue to align our lives under Him thankful for His mercy.

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