End times – only for a time

End times – only for a time

Mark 13: 20 ‘If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom he has chosen, he has shortened them

Jesus prophesied days of distress that will have been unequalled up to then. In Matthew and Luke we have other details of this prophecy of Jesus which clearly speaks of AD 70 but as with all Biblical prophecy it has more than one event in mind. This is also about what is to come at the end. It is how Daniel prophesies also when firstly it is believed he is speaking of Antiochus Epiphanes but also of the Anti-Christ at the end times. Whether the final Anti-Christ is alive now or still to be born it is true that in every generation the spirit of that Anti-Christ has been alive and toppling the previous generations ‘figure’ in the abhorrent treatment of God’s people.

Jesus clearly demonstrates that the days become very difficult, that there is panic and mayhem. He advises not to return for your belongings but to get away as fast as you can. It will be terrible especially for those with small children or those expecting, the vulnerable and weak will struggle more.

Of course, there are so many experiencing this today. We may sit in the comfort of our homes reading this blog and at the same time there are people literally doing their best to survive. Evil crouches at their door. They wonder if this is actually the end times as it couldn’t get much worse. Where is their comfort? What is their hope? It is this verse.

To those who have been manipulated by a deception that has entrapped you. To those whose stronghold is under severe attack, mind, body and soul. To those in the centre of an all-out war. Let me tell you something that will help you hold on. As Daniel’s prophecy comes to an end, the last 2 chapters of his prophecy are taken up with an incurring theme which is akin to this verse today.

On 12 occasions in the last 2 chapters references are used to the timing of God. “Only for a time” and “the appointed time” are a common developing theme. Today, ‘the Lord cuts short the days.’

God sets the limits and establishes the times when evil will be brought to an end and good will triumph.

Just as Biblical prophecy has more than one event in mind then also the intervention of the Lord that Jesus speaks of happens more than once.

At the end times the Lord will step in and cut short the days of Satan’s attack. Evil will not be able to fulfil its aim, he will be curtailed, the days will be shortened, whether that be literally or preventing his plan to come into completion. For God is in charge of the clock.

So, I can proclaim over everyone who is struggling and reading this blog:

‘Only so far, only so much, only for a time.’

‘The Lord will step in and cut short this time’

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