Learn to fall

Learn to fall

Mark 14:35 “Going a little farther, he fell to the ground and prayed that if possible the hour might pass from him.”

Why did you fall to the ground Jesus?

I believe the He fell to the ground under the weight of carrying the price.  He has gone a little further and He is carrying the price, the burden.

Have you seen The Strongest Man programme? They carry heavy boulders and they have to go all the way.  After a little while you never see one of them fall with the stone – they just let go of it.  At some point of going a little further with God carrying the burden of death, the burden of the cross and the price of laying your life down, you will get to the point where something is going to drop.

Will it be the price or you?

Jesus refused to let go of the cost and fell to the ground with it. Many Christians have said ‘It’s too heavy, Lord –I can’t do that any longer. I cannot do what is expected of me. I want to go back’.

Jesus is calling you and me to such radical living that you will hold on to Him and the price of living the walk so that even if it means you drop to your knees – you drop there, holding on to the burden of carrying the cost.

Where is the army of God? Where is the soldier who never runs away at any price?

He fell to the ground in absolute submission. That is what knees do.

You drop to your knees because you are saying ‘I am willing to trust You. I trust you with my life. I am not sure where it is going and it is mightily uncomfortable right now and I wish I could live a different type of life and I wish you would take this away from me if you were asking me for a choice but I fall on my knees in submission because I surrender to you, whatever you have got – it is Your will over my will and

“I surrender all to Jesus

All to Him I freely give”

Don’t let go. Learn to fall.

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