God can use you – chosen to be broken

God can use you – chosen to be broken

Luke 1: 29-31

Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. 30 But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favour with God. 31 You will conceive and give birth to a son …

Greetings! But Mary was greatly troubled.

You are ‘highly favoured’, ‘chosen’. But Mary was greatly troubled.

The Lord is with you. But Mary was greatly troubled.

Most women would be delighted to hear news they are pregnant, but not Mary.

I think I have spent the majority of my life listening to people believing God will use them mightily, praying that God will take them and do great things and announcing that they are stepping out into God’s great plans with a great awesome future in faith to do great exploits, sometimes leaving me wondering which character is the great one.

I don’t blame them because I have preached many a good sermon from that stance. I know the plans I have for you … to prosper etc always goes well!

But what if being chosen isn’t like that at all?

What if being chosen actually sounds perplexing, anxious and leaving you greatly troubled?

What if being highly favoured means you need an angel to tell you ‘Don’t be afraid’?

What if the reason why you are being instructed not to be afraid is that what you are being chosen for would scare the life out of most people?

Another observation I have come to see is the tendency to want greatness too soon. The performance before the stage has been built. When I came out of Bible College I was given 15 people to look after. The energy I gave those 15 people seemed like I was pastoring 150. But some today leave Bible College wanting 150 people because they are gifted, skilled and above all ‘God has called me to that size, now do I get a pension with this full salary?.

Some want resurrection power before the cross of suffering.

Can God choose you to be gracefully broken?

What if being chosen is the worst thing that could have happened to you?

What if being highly favoured means that you cannot see how you will be the most blessed of women but the most scorned, insulted and slandered?

You might not know the end of the story today, but how will you respond to such a greeting?

If this is you, wherever and whoever you are, God has brought this greeting because He believes in you and can trust you to be gracefully broken.

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