God can use you – so go ahead, conceive, birth and name!

God can use you – so go ahead, conceive, birth and name!

Luke 1: 31 “You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.”

Conceiving means:

  • It can look to others like God is nowhere near and not involved with what He in fact actually caused. Don’t expect everyone to be thrilled with the miracle that is inside you. They do not know that the miracle was planted in you. They do not know your encounter with the Divine Presence. Keep your eyes off people and their reactions and responses will not hinder you.
  • Your planned future could be drastically changed forever.
  • You may have been wrong about a certain matter your whole life, ie every girl wanted to be the mother of the Messiah but would never have thought of that happening in a ‘sinful’ way.
  • Submission to God – we are not pre-conceived, we are open to new ideas, not closed because of our own agenda and decisions.


Birthing means:

  • There are times when God allows us to be where He wants us to be but it is not the place of our choosing. The perfect set in the imperfect. You have wanted this all your life. You have worked towards it. You have dreamt of it. You are seeing with your own eyes dreams come true however, it isn’t perfect, it isn’t how you thought it would be, it isn’t only painful, it can feel lonely, insignificant, weak and scary.


Naming means:

  • Claiming it for some. At the time many mothers would call their sons ‘Joshua’ in the hope that he would go on to set the people free as the name suggests, but it never happened and it became a common name amongst common people. Jesus is the Greek translated name of Joshua. How wonderful that God chose to come and be given the most common of names. Many name and claim for something extraordinarily special beyond the reach of most who dream of utopia. Not many are willing to accept and claim the common and ordinary. But God often wants to come through the ordinary and make it extraordinary. You may look at what you are birthing and it may seem small, insignificant and so very ordinary. It may even seem dangerous, harmful and unexplainable. And yet …! And yet it could be the greatest thing God has ever done in your life!!



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