Praying the Magnificat 10

Praying the Magnificat 10

Luke 1: 55 “The Lord made this promise to our ancestors, to Abraham and his family forever!”

After 400 years of no prophets bringing any messages from God, all they had were fading promises and many would have forgotten them completely.

But here comes Elizabeth and Mary. An old lady carrying a miracle-child who has encountered the power of the Holy Spirit standing with a greater miracle.

Mary says, “These are the days of the Abrahamic promises coming to fulfilment.”

She will later see and suffer that God who spared Abraham’s Isaac will not spare her own son – His Son.

2018, we are the descendants of that.

But what does it mean if everything is fulfilled, all the Law and the Prophets is found in Christ? If all the Abrahamic promises are now in Jesus do we just study them?


We live like the Mary generation, but even better.

Generally speaking, just like 2,000 years ago, many in the Church struggle to expect that the Messiah/Jesus will return in their own lifetime. Ironically unlike, Mary and the early Church who had just met Him.

In the waiting we too have let the promise of the coming Messiah fade. As a result mission has now become tired and silenced. Maybe God will stir a young generational miracle-carrier to believe the promise-keeper is coming again very soon; that He is in fact already here in presence but will appear physically in what is going to be a blink of the eye.

Will that be you? Can you be an Elizabeth? Can you be a Mary?


Promise-keeper, you never fail, you are always on time.

As you fulfilled the many covenants in history like that of Abraham, you will also fulfil your promise to return.

I am ready. I do not have the perfect life. My circumstances are not ready. But I am ready.

I host your presence.

Come Lord Jesus.


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