Get some friends

Get some friends

Luke 1: 56 “Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.”

Gabriel had told Mary that Elizabeth was already in her 6th month of pregnancy. Therefore Mary stayed with her for the final 3 months and by the time her baby was born Mary was indeed showing herself, her miracle was growing within.

There are friends:

  1. Who have been tipped off by God to come to you. Can you imagine the scene? Elizabeth: ‘Mary I’m pregnant’, Mary: ‘I know, an angel told me’. Get some friends who are hearing God and encountering Him.
  2. Who will be there for you and will stay with you. Get some friends who will not just pray with you but will see you through into the next breakthrough of your life.
  3. Where age is nothing but it is also everything. Get some friends that are younger than you who have the energetic passion with vision for the future (Mary). Get some friends that have the wise experience of having lived longer and have walked with God before you. Get some friends that are younger and older than you.
  4. Who know when to leave. Some leave too soon and some stay too long. Mary knew Elizabeth was now fine, the baby was either born or would shortly be (I like to think Mary stayed right through to labour). Mary also knew she was now beginning to show herself and so now was the time to speak to Joseph. Get some friends who understand the times.
  5. Who have homes that are needing a miracle. You never know what is happening behind someone’s front door. Not all homes are peaceful and some are in confusion and have complex issues to face. But every home can become a miracle story. Get some friends who need miracles in their homes. Encourage them to believe. Bless them. Commission them.


Friends usually evolve. But we can be more pro-active in choosing them.

Get some friends.

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