He still stands with us today

He still stands with us today

Luke 3: 21 “When all the people were being baptised, Jesus was baptised too.”

John called people to baptism.

John baptised the people.

But Jesus was baptised with the people.

Where was Jesus when people were repenting from their sins?

When they struggled to break free from their past and move into a new life, where was Jesus?

He was standing with them, being one with them.

This weekend, baptismal services will be held all around the world.

Families and friends will gather at many of them and it will be a wonderful witness.

Jesus will be standing there.

But at some only a few will gather, it will be done at a secret location and no family will be present. This baptism is dangerous obedience. The unseen guest will be there, Jesus, standing amongst the courageous people.

You see, Jesus always stands with the repentant, the witness and the obedient.

He is standing with Asia Bibi and her family today wherever they are.

He is standing with those we can name and the millions that are nameless.

He is standing with us.



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