Who is Matthat?

Who is Matthat?


Luke 3: 24 “the son of Matthat”

In brief: Some say different people but he could be the same chap as Matthew’s genealogy ‘Matthan’.

His name means ‘gift’.

Thank God for those who are Matthat type people!

Who walked into your life and left their footprint of blessing?

Who inspired you?

Who carried just what you needed at the right time?

Who gave themselves unreservedly?

When you accidentally dropped the heavy things you were carrying, who stopped to pick them up for you?

When you couldn’t see which way to take, who found where you were on the map of life and directed you to where you needed to go?

When everyone seemed to walk out, who walked in?

When you became frozen with fear, whose laughter thawed the ice?

When you were in the heat of the battle, who stood alongside you and fought as hard as you?

It was Matthat.

Let’s all try and be a Matthat today.

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