Who was Levi?

Who was Levi?

Luke 3: 24 “the son of Levi”

In brief: It means “to join, attach and adhesion”

I received a text 2 days ago saying that 21 people would be publicly joining a church membership this month. This came from a church that had gone through some difficult times recently. I rejoiced with them. Whenever I hear of such things I choose to slow the moment down and be thankful that even today with all of the challenges, people are still joining the Church.

When Saul came to Jerusalem, he immediately tried to “join” the disciples: “When he came to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, not believing he really was a disciple.” Acts 9: 26


To “join” means “to glue, or cement together”. In other words, he wanted to do more than just attend meetings, he wanted to become “bonded” to the community of believers in definite commitment.

A moments thought will make us realise that, in nearly every sphere of life, commitment to others in meaningful relationship is absolutely vital. In marriage and family life, the world of work, and even in our recreation we need some form of togetherness. A team and its supporters need to be together if they have any chance of winning.


Are you a Levi? Do you willingly join?

I am a sucker for joining. I’ve ended up joining things I never thought I would! I became chairman of Stop the War campaign once because I reluctantly agreed to go and just sit on the back row of a Town Hall meeting. I signed up to sponsor Bernie the Dog when walking through an airport simply because of the wilful approach of the promoter and the picture of Bernie being just lovely. We need to be careful when joining.

Some won’t join a church because of their past experiences. There are some who are Christians outside of Church because of the abuse they have suffered, the mishandling of their lives and their finances by so called leaders of the Church.

Some won’t join a Church because they simply want to be independent of any accountable structures that are needed for discipleship.

However, we need to put our roots down somewhere.

We need to allow those roots to bear fruit and that takes time.

We need to do all that we can to resist being uprooted.

Being rooted means I commit myself, finances, gifts and time sacrificially for the work of God.

We join.

We become a Levi.

2 Replies to “Who was Levi?”

  1. Been rooted into something not only means that you are connected but, you’re protective of the church and the family within.

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