Who is Joseph?

Who is Joseph?

You are a Joseph if you have learnt contentment.

Luke 3: 24 “the son of Joseph”

In brief it means ‘may God add’.

This is not Joseph, the 11th of Jacob’s 12 sons.

This is not the husband of Mary.

Nor is he one of the other 5 well-known Old Testament Joseph’s and 5 other New Testament Joseph’s.

Like many of the names in this Luke’s genealogy of Jesus, they don’t seem to have any story that is known.

So who is this man named ‘may God add’?

How would you feel if your name means ‘may God add’ but others with that same name seem to have had far more than you? How would you feel if what ‘God added’ was so small there wasn’t anything to write about?

What if others of your equal have far more exciting facebook statuses than you?

How do you respond?

The moment we think the race is about competing with others is the moment we lose.

This race is about you and your own walk with God.

A leader once told me that I had “nearly made it, I was in his top 12 for the job, but though I wasn’t chosen I should be pleased I nearly was.” How ridiculous! I quickly brushed it aside knowing that it could be really damaging to me.

Never compete with others for the story of God in your life.

This Joseph made it to the Bible.

This Joseph was in the genealogy of Jesus.

That alone shows that God had indeed added to his life.

Hold on to your story and do not compete for someone else’s.

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