Who is Jannai?

Who is Jannai?

Luke 3: 24 “the son of Jannai”

In brief it is a derivative name of Janai which means ‘He answers’.

What a brilliant name?!

The silence of God.
The loudness of man.
The still small voice of God.
The shouting of man.
Heroic figures displaying their celebrity statuses.
This is the world we have come to know so well.
But the world of God is at times so much different.
Ask the Persecuted what God is like and they will say ‘He is quiet’.
There are many unknowns today, in prison, tortured, deprived of their human rights,. Many unknowns facing shame and lifelong battles with their families for becoming Christian. The unknown knows all too well unanswered prayers, the fear of worsening danger and the absence of courage.
What is God like?
He is quiet.
But he is still there!
Like a shimmering heat or a morning cloud of dew God can be seen even in the most strangest of ways.
Just because God is quiet today is no indicator He is not there.

He is watching you.

He is sat with you.

And this is His answer.



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