Who is Shealtiel?

Who is Shealtiel?


Luke 3:27 “the son of Shealtiel”


Do you carry appreciation? Not from people but for people, do you appreciate them?


The name means “I have asked of God” in Hebrew.

Shealtiel was the father of Zerubbabel


The Hebrew actually means “I asked El (for this child)”. Zerubbabel is an answer to Shealtiel’s prayer to God (El) for a child.


The final element of his name is El, which was the prominent Canaanite god but whose name became applied to the God of Israel, for example, Elohim which simply means God.


Maybe the father of Shealtiel named him so because he had a change of heart, a change of worship from that of a god (el) to God. More of that tomorrow.


How would it be for you if you realised you are an answer to someone’s prayer?

Can you imagine?

Perhaps you are.

How would you live if you knew that people really appreciated your life, not only for what you have done but who you are?

Shealtiel spent his whole life being reminded every day he was the outcome of a request to God for his life.

Do you have someone who appreciates you that much?

May be you can begin to list names: your parents, grandparents even, that close friend who has always been there and has prayed for you through it all, your spouse, your Church leader, the list can go on. But you have names of people who either prayed for your life or prayed for you to live in this life. Thank them today.



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