Lent Day 5: Who is Judah?

Lent Day 5: Who is Judah?

Luke 3: 30 “the son of Judah”

The name in Hebrew is Yadah and it means ‘God/Yahweh be praised.’

Alongside ‘to praise’ it also means ‘to revere or worship with extended hands’ or ‘to give thanks’.

Judah is the key to changing your environment.

Judah is what attracts the presence of God to us.

Judah is the pathway on which God will lead us through even immense difficulty.

No one knows who this Judah actually was, there is another one coming up later in the genealogy and that is the most popular one. But wherever this man went praise to God was sounding out in every situation. It would be very hard to be defeated, afraid, silent, grumbling or worse with a name like Judah!

In the last few days of Lent we will have thoughts about Jesus’ last meal, the Passover, with his disciples. Let us remind ourselves now that during that meal Jesus sang. He and his disciples sang a hymn (Mark 14:26). Traditionally during the Passover meal the Hallel would be sung, it was the whole of the Psalms 113-118, praise to God for his salvation from Egypt and He being the eternal Saviour.

So, hours before Jesus’ most dreadful and terrifying moment, the crucifixion and death, he sings!

Yesterday my friend in Pakistan told 150 Pastors and leaders that persecution was not an enemy but a friend because of what it produced. It was a powerful presentation. How do the saints walk through such death? It is praise. It always has been.

John Huss, 1369-1415, a Czech theologian, was burned at the stake after having the crown of his head shaven with shears because he held to the Bible as the final authority and not the Church. As the fire was burning him he sang in a loud voice, “Jesus Christ! The Son of the Living God! Have mercy upon me!” There are countless stories like this.

The blessing of praise is this:

“Your hand will be on the neck of your enemies” Genesis 49:8

“May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands, to inflict vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with fetters, their nobles with shackles of iron, to carry out the sentence written against them— this is the glory of all his faithful people.” Psalm 149:6-8

We don’t fight flesh and blood but principalities …

Every time we praise we are declaring to the spiritual powers that our hands are on the neck of an already defeated enemy. That because of Jesus’ victory on the cross where satan was stripped of power and authority over us then I will praise my God and squeeze some more victory out of you that is rightfully mine.

If you haven’t already noticed there is a father of lies who is against you, trying to steal, kill and destroy you and JUDAH is your greatest defence.

Those who don’t understand JUDAH are in fear of what the enemy can do as a “roaring lion prowling around looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). But there is another LION, a far greater LION and people who JUDAH live in trust of the LION of the TRIBE OF JUDAH! (Revelation 5:8).

The Lion of the tribe of Praise has defeated and won every battle. We are called to press in and clear up and take back what belongs to us. JUDAH!

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