Lent Day 6: Who is Joseph (again)?

Lent Day 6: Who is Joseph (again)?

Luke 3: 30 “the son of Joseph”

I recently saw a picture on social media of a church worshipping in a building in Africa. There were 15 people in the picture and the title said “We are possessing the nation”. I checked the population of that nation and it is 29 million. I marvelled at their faith and I realised that they needed God to add His presence for them to possess their hearts desire.

We already know that Joseph’s name means ‘may God add’ and we are served a reminder today that we continually need the added presence of God.

The fable of the elephant and the mouse helps. The mouse crossed the bridge over a deep ravine with an elephant. As they crossed over the bridge shook. When they reached the other side, the mouse said to the elephant, “Boy, we really shook that bridge, didn’t we?”

As followers of Jesus journeying through this Lent period let us be reminded of what He promised us:

Jesus will add rest to those who are weary from carrying burdens, Matthew 11: 28-30.

Jesus will add understanding to a time of darkness when you cannot see what to do, John 8:12.

Jesus will add resurrection to whatever appears to be dying, John 11:25.

Jesus will add provision for our needs whilst we put Him first, Matthew 6:33.

Jesus will add the ability to produce, John 15:5.

Jesus will add His presence as we go, Matthew 28:20.

Jesus will add peace, John 14: 27-28.

Let’s shout out JOSEPH today, MAY GOD ADD.

May He add rest, understanding, resurrection, provision, ability, presence and His peace to our lives!

May these be days of increase because of all God will do!

So we pray:

Add blessing so my influence is enlarged, 1 Chronicles 4:10.

Add protection so that my enemies are driven from my influence, Exodus 34:24.

Add the power of increase to the harvest, 2 Corinthians 9:10.

And as He does then maybe we will shake that bridge and possess our nation!

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