Lent Day 7: Who is Jonam?

Lent Day 7: Who is Jonam?

Luke 3: 30 “the son of Jonam”

Nothing is known about Jonam except his name means gift or grace of God.

Have you noticed how angry and hateful the world is becoming?

Here is today’s Lentern verses: “Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”  John 1: 16-17

Grace covers identity: Grace exposes the dark side of our lives, it is for Judas and Peter to say “yes I did that” but one of them could not accept that they had done such a thing and made things worse; the other accepted it and found their identity in grace. To live by grace means you are not denying or trying to forget the dark side of your life, but by allowing grace to expose it you find who you really are.

Grace opposes self-pity: Not that we end up depressed and whipping ourselves in a frenzy of guilt and shame over our sinful lives. Self-pity will never motivate you. Self-pity will not move you to grace any more than the victories, visions, successes and miracles will. Self-pity will keep you locked in failure, away from your home. Grace calls you to keep coming back to Jesus, let Jesus bind up the wounds, don’t let your self do it.

Grace is honesty: An honesty that says we keep breaking the rules. An honesty that says “I am cautious to say God told me … Because I could be wrong.” An honesty that displays character and silences the tongue. An honesty that says I may never be the person I want or should be but God loves me now as I am.

You can have the Law of Moses or the Grace of Jesus Christ. The measure you use will be measured to you.

Grace is for those who have offended you. Grace is to reach out to your enemy as if they were your friend. Grace offends your friends because they don’t like your enemy receiving from you what is not rightfully theirs. But grace turns the tables on all that and sees through the eyes of the mission of Jesus. Filtered through those eyes gives a whole different perspective.

The Rwandan genocide in 1994 only lasted 100 days. But during that time 800,000 citizens were brutalised and murdered by their own neighbours.  Though Hutu and Tutsi tribes are the same ethnic group, share the same language, lived and worked together, shared the same religion (mainly catholic), Tutsis and supportive Hutus were slaughtered by people they had co-existed peacefully with for generations. Even from school age Tutsis became dehumanised. They were called snakes and cockroaches. The killings were horrific and sadistic. Here is a story of a mother whose son was killed in that genocide. The woman had nursed bitterness, grievance and thoughts of vengeance; she just wanted to find her son’s killer and bring due punishment. But one night she had a dream and in the dream she was going down the street and saw a house and she knew it was a house of her enemy. And she heard God say, “Go into the house”.  She said “I don’t want to go into the house” She went into the house and God led her through many rooms and then up the stairs. And He said “I want you to go up the stairs” She said “I don’t want to go any further in this house” “I want you to go up the stairs” She went up the stairs, opened the door at the top, and found it led into heaven. And she had a revelation. That the path to heaven goes through the house of her enemy. Two days later there was a knock on her door. A young man is standing there at the door and he is shaking.

He says to her, “I am the man who killed your son. I place my life in your hands, whatever you want to do with me, I accept it. I have had no peace since I did what I did. And I will accept whatever. If you want to kill me, you can kill me. If you want to turn me in to the authorities turn me into the authorities. Whatever you want, my life is in your hands. And because she had a revelation from God, she said “I will not do any of this. But I do have one request. You must now become my son.”  She took him in and fed him at the table where she fed her son. He’s the same size so he wore his clothes. He actually moved in and became a son to her, because heaven passes through the house of her enemy.

Who is your enemy? Who is the person that hurt you? Would you believe that heaven goes through their house? The reality is that you cannot love that person unless God does something in you first. What God does is Jonam, it is grace upon grace, the gift of God.

Do you need more grace today?

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